Denver Domestic Violence Attorney Jacob E. Martinez Achieves Acquittal in Jury Trial

Today, in Denver General Sessions Court, Denver domestic violence defense attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieved a jury trial acquittal on all counts.  After a three day jury trial, in which his client was charged with two domestic violence offenses — Assault and Disturbing the Peace — a jury unanimously found the client NOT GUILTY of both charges.  Two talented prosecutors tried the case against Mr. Martinez’s client.  However, Mr. Martinez forcefully conveyed to the jury that it was his client, and not the complaining witness, who was the actual victim in the case.  As a result, Mr. Martinez’s client was found not guilty.

Had Mr. Martinez’s client been convicted, he would have faced up to a year in jail for each count.  Additionally, the client would have been required to take a minimum of 36 weeks of domestic violence classes, and he would have faced a year of probation.

Both Mr. Martinez and his client were very pleased with the result, as it was the right and just outcome.  Mr. Martinez’s client is now eligible to seal all records associated with this false allegation, and he looks forward to moving on with his life.