Marijuana Law In Colorado: What You Need To Know

Marijuana legalization was a topic of debate for decades. In 2012, Colorado became one of the first states in the United States to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then, Colorado’s marijuana laws have constantly been evolving, and it is essential for anyone living in or traveling to Colorado to understand these laws.

Recreational Use in Colorado

In Colorado, adults 21 years and older can legally purchase, possess, and consume up to one ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes. Adults can [...]

Colorado Edibles: Do You Know the Law?

Since 2014, marijuana has been legal in the state of Colorado. However, this legalization of recreational marijuana isn’t without limits or laws. It’s important for anyone who lives in Colorado or visiting to understand marijuana and various marijuana-related product laws.

One such product is marijuana edibles. These concentrated forms of marijuana can be dangerous to those who are not aware of their proper consumption of them.  As well as what the law says about how much you can have.

Here [...]

Caught High at a Colorado Park? What Can and Can’t Happen

Did you know that the Colorado Constitution considers use of public parks a “natural, essential and inalienable right”?

This point came up in a 2017 ruling regarding a directive on who could use Colorado parks. The directive temporarily banned convicted drug users from city parks if their illicit use took place in one.

Although this ban was eventually overturned as unconstitutional, its goal was to address the salient problem of numerous overdoses on Colorado public lands. Today, however, drug usage [...]

Colorado Drug Trafficking Isn’t the Only Charge You’re Facing

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado for over seven years, and the 2020 election shows that states are still following suit. That doesn’t mean that Coloradoans face no rules when it comes to handling the substance, though.

If you are involved in any sort of out-of-state marijuana distribution, you are likely to face more than one charge. Some of these charges will be drug charges, while others may involve money, weapons, or elements that appear to be completely unrelated to [...]

Old Marijuana Convictions: CO Criminal Lawyers Pushing to Erase Them

Last month, the city of Denver hosted its first free legal clinic designed to help Coloradans with old drug convictions to have their records expunged according to new legislation.

In 2017 (three years after Amendment 64 was passed, and one year after it went into effect), additional legislation was passed in an effort to offer some reparative justice to those previously convicted of low-level drug crimes that would be considered legal under current law.

If you currently have an old [...]