Exploring the Legal Implications of Identity Theft in Colorado

Identity theft is a growing concern in the digital age, affecting millions of individuals worldwide. Like many other states, Colorado has implemented specific laws to address and combat identity theft. Understanding the legal implications of identity theft in Colorado is essential for both victims and the general public. This blog post explores the legal framework surrounding identity theft in Colorado, including relevant statutes, penalties, and available remedies.

Defining Identity Theft in Colorado

Under Colorado law, identity theft is defined [...]

Is It Credit Card Fraud or Identity Theft in Colorado?


Colorado, like all states, has laws against credit card fraud and identity theft. But what’s the difference between the two? 

To put it simply, credit card fraud involves using someone else’s credit card without their permission or knowledge. At the same time, identity theft goes much further—it involves stealing someone else’s personal information (including Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, driver’s license numbers, etc.) and using it to commit crimes. 

These crimes occur all the time, and understanding [...]

Is That Your Child’s Name on That Credit Card?

As a parent, you want to give your child the best start in life possible. For many, that means setting your child up for future success. How some people have chosen to accomplish this is by opening up a credit card in their child’s name.

This may seem like a logical thing to do – and something you’re doing to help your child build credit but be warned that this isn’t advised. No matter your intentions, you should never put [...]

Colorado Is #2 In Identity Theft, So Cops Will Be on the Lookout

Identity theft is a serious offense that can have devastating consequences for its victims. Worse, our state is apparently rife with it.

How so?

A recent national report identified that Colorado is second in the nation for identity theft. This alarming statistic means that local law enforcement will like be even more on the lookout for identity theft than before. Although this is largely a good thing for Coloradans, it also means that some law enforcement officials and prosecutors will [...]

Understanding Colorado’s Identity Theft Laws

Identity theft is a growing problem as more and more information is transmitted through digital technology. In 2014, there was a new identity fraud victim every 2 seconds. In other words, in the time it took you to read this far, there have probably been another five or six victims.

State governments have responded to the growing internet crime rate with harsh penalties for people accused of identity theft. And in some cases, they may even be prosecuted as federal [...]