What Does It Mean to Be a Persistent Drunk Driver in CO?

While most people may be able to guess what the definition of a persistent drunk driver is, it is actually a term codified in Colorado law. Because of that, there are specific characteristics that define who is labeled as a persistent drunk driver.

The truth is, being labeled as a persistent drunk driver in Colorado has serious consequences. So it’s vital to know what it is and how a person can be labeled as one. Read on to find out [...]

Is a Plea Deal the Best Thing For a CO DUI?

Many people want to avoid going to court when they’re charged with a crime. After all, it’s expensive, and the outcome is not guaranteed. Many people opt for plea bargains, including those in DUI cases in Colorado.

While a plea bargain is an option, it’s not always the best one. In fact, sometimes a plea bargain may be the worst thing you can do for your DUI case.

What’s important is to understand what a plea bargain is, what it [...]

Charged With a CO DUI? Your Rights May Have Been Violated

When you’re pulled over by police, you may feel as if you’re in a vulnerable position – especially if you’ve been drinking.

However, it’s important to keep sight of the fact that you have rights, and the police are supposed to follow certain procedures to ensure those rights are not violated. If they don’t, then the case against you, no matter how strong, can be dismissed.

A prime example is occurring in Colorado Springs right now. A court order out [...]

How to Fight Back If You Got a DUI over Memorial Day Weekend

 The long Memorial Day weekend provided lots of opportunities for fun adventures and mishaps. Sadly, it also resulted in a lot more intoxicated drivers on the road — and police patrols to catch them before they could cause any harm.

The Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado State Patrol, and around 80 local law enforcement agencies banded together May 28-June 1, greatly increasing their presence on the road. This targeted focus meant people were far more likely to get arrested for [...]

One of the 175 CO DUI Busts Over Super Bowl Weekend? Know This…

The Broncos may not have played in the most recent Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean that people weren’t out celebrating.

As a result, in Colorado over Super Bowl weekend, 175 drivers were arrested for DUIs. That number is down from 229 the previous year but doesn’t make the reality less serious for those who were arrested and charged with suspicion of drunk driving.

Colorado takes DUIs very seriously and the penalties they have for DUI convictions reflect that. Fortunately, [...]