What Happens When Your CO Teen Violates Curfew?

The United States is a free country, and because of that, our citizens are allowed to move freely from one place to another. However, this comes with a few restrictions — especially if you’re a minor. In Colorado, minors don’t simply need to contend with the rules their parents give them, but the state as well.

Failure to comply with curfew laws in Colorado can result in legal consequences. Here’s what you need to know about Colorado’s SafeNite Program, what [...]

Make One Youthful Mistake in Colorado, Pay for It for a Lifetime

Kids make mistakes. All of them. It’s just a part of life. The parts of our brains that make decisions are not fully formed until the age of 25. Science has proven that a teenager’s brain just works differently than an adult’s.

Still, kids often face the same consequences as adults when they commit certain crimes. For instance, just this month, four teens were arrested for “tagging” dozens of buildings around Edgewater. The boys have been charged with felony criminal [...]

How Will a Colorado Juvenile Conviction Affect College Admission?

Teens are infamous for their lapses in judgment. In fact, it’s well-known that the teenage brain isn’t fully mature, and that teens lack the decision-making capacity of adults.

To mitigate damages of poor decisions early on, juvenile criminal records are kept confidential. This prevents juvenile offenders from being labeled as criminals in their adult lives. However, there are some exceptions to juvenile record confidentiality, two of them being background checks from college admissions offices and student aid lenders.

So when [...]

What Makes Colorado Minors More Likely to Commit Crimes?

“He was a good kid. I don’t know what happened.”

“She just started acting out.”

“I always knew this was coming.”

These are the kinds of things you hear from parents, teachers, and others when minors get charged with crimes. They make juvenile crime sound unstoppable. Inevitable. Inexplicable.

It’s usually not, though, and whether you are attempting to prevent your child from going down this path or working to fight charges they’re already facing, it helps to understand what factors [...]

School Fights: Did You Know They Can Lead to Colorado Assault Charges?

Traditionally, consequences for fighting in school were limited to a trip to the principal’s office and school-enforced punishments such as detention, suspension or – in the worst case – expulsion. However, violence is a growing problem in schools across the US, so many educators and law enforcement officials are cracking down on violence of all forms, frequently by imposing legal consequences for students caught fighting.

Recently, two schools in Colorado made headlines for prosecuting students caught fighting at school. At [...]