Common Misconceptions About CO Weapons Offenses

Colorado’s laws regarding weapons offenses are designed to maintain public safety and prevent criminal activities involving firearms and other weapons. However, several misconceptions surrounding these laws can lead to confusion and potential legal issues.

In this blog post, we will address some of the common misunderstandings associated with Colorado weapons offenses, clarify legal definitions, highlight situations that may lead to wrongful accusations, and emphasize the importance of building a strong defense with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Misconception: Open Carry[...]

The Role of Mental Health in Denver Weapon Possession Cases

In the realm of criminal law, the intersection of mental health and weapon possession cases presents a multifaceted challenge for both defendants and legal professionals. Denver, like many other cities, grapples with the delicate task of addressing mental health issues within the context of criminal charges, particularly those related to the possession of weapons.

This blog aims to shed light on the intricate relationship between mental health and weapon possession cases, exploring how mental health can be a pivotal factor [...]

Carrying a Firearm While Trafficking Drugs in Colorado

Possessing most drugs in any quantity is a serious offense, but there are some factors that can make this already significant crime even more substantial in the eyes of the law.

A Denver man who was recently convicted for drug trafficking is a perfect example. He was sentenced in federal court to drug trafficking charges, but his sentence was enhanced further because he was found in possession of a firearm while committing the crime.

He was sentenced to five years [...]

Coloradoans Still Stocking Their Arsenals Into November 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in panic for a lot of people. That manifests itself through the stockpiling of certain items. For some people, it’s food or household products; for others, it’s guns and ammunition.

Reports out of Colorado Springs have detailed the increased sales of firearms throughout the state. Some gun retailers say their sales are four times greater now than they were one year ago. This has resulted in a shortage of ammunition as well.

Of course, every [...]

CO Supreme Court Rules on Rocky Mountain Gun Owners’ Challenge

In the modern era, gun control has become a very divisive issue. Local gun ordinance laws can clash with state laws, as has been the case in Colorado recently.

For example, in Boulder in 2018, the city council passed an ordinance that banned the possession and sale of high-capacity magazines and assault-style weapons within the city limits.

After passing this ordinance, the city’s citizen groups sued and now the Colorado Supreme Court is going to weigh in on whether or [...]