A Brief Guide on Colorado’s Economic Crimes

Not all crimes are violent – but that doesn’t mean crimes without violence don’t have victims. White-collar crimes are a perfect example. Additionally, in places like Denver, white-collar crimes may be more common than you think.

According to a report by the Denver Post, there is an average of 2.9 white-collar crimes committed in Denver each day. These crimes, while not violent, can involve some steep punishments, which is why being accused of a white-collar crime is very serious.

What [...]

Colorado Forgery Charge? Ask Your Lawyer about These Strategies 

Have you been recently accused of forgery? A skilled Colorado defense attorney will have several possible defense strategies to help you fight your charge. In this post, we’re going to cover several of the most common defenses.

Legal Definition of Forgery in Colorado

Forgery can be defined as possessing, using, altering, or making false writing with the intent of committing fraud.

Altering a document or instrument is a serious crime, punishable as a felony offense in Colorado – and every [...]