Fort Morgan & Morgan County Criminal Defense


The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez has many years of experience representing people charged with crimes in Fort Morgan and Morgan County.  Fort Morgan may be 80 miles away from Denver, but there is nothing remote about the seriousness of the criminal charges levied by the Morgan County district attorney’s office.  Fort Morgan has approximately 12,000 residents, but many criminal cases originate from Morgan County due in part to its location on a major interstate — I-76.  Many people are charged with drug-related offenses, drug trafficking-related offenses, and DUIs, in addition to violent crimes and property crimes.  If you find yourself facing a criminal charge in Fort Morgan, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed and scared. What could this mean for you? What penalties could you face? Is your job, or maybe even your family, in jeopardy?

The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez understands those concerns. The law firm has nearly 30 years of combined Colorado criminal defense experience throughout the entire state of Colorado.  With such vast experience, you can be assured that Mr. Martinez and his team are more than up to the task of defending you or your loved one against Fort Morgan criminal charges. What do you get when you work with The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez?

Tenacious Defense

We draw upon our many years of experience and knowledge of Colorado criminal law to fiercely advocate for the rights of every client we take on. Our goal is always to dismiss your case or reduce your charges.

Integrity and Compassion

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what charges you’re facing — if you’re our client, you will receive nothing but our best efforts in defending you.  You will be treated with respect and fairness and receive robust representation.

Proven Track Record

The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez has handled cases ranging from DUI to homicide and nearly everything in between.  We have seen it before; no case is too big for our veteran attorneys.  Mr. Martinez has represented 1000+ clients, and in each case, all efforts are made so that the client can achieve the best possible outcome in their case.  We have secured numerous jury trial acquittals in serious cases and countless dismissals and mitigated outcomes.  Whatever is needed in your case, we are up to the task.

A Veteran Lawyer Focused Exclusively on Criminal Defense

Jacob E. Martinez brings many years of experience in Colorado criminal defense law to every case he handles.  As a result, the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez is well-respected within the criminal defense community.

A Colorado native, Mr. Martinez honed his skills by clerking for distinguished Colorado criminal defense attorneys and representing clients at the University of Colorado School of Law’s criminal defense clinic before he was even licensed to practice law.

After obtaining his law license in 2010, Mr. Martinez spent years at a prestigious Denver criminal defense firm, sharpening his skills and laying the foundation to excel as a top-tier criminal defense attorney.  By the time he started his firm in 2014, his years of experience enabled him to quickly become known as a respected and trusted criminal defense lawyer.

Since obtaining his license, Jacob E. Martinez has exclusively dedicated his office’s efforts to criminal defense.  As a result, his clients can rest assured that he is always and only on their side.  This exclusive focus on criminal defense is a badge of honor to Mr. Martinez.  Further, it has enabled the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez to gain an intimate understanding of the critical institutions and figures crucial to his client’s success.

As his practice has grown, he has added associate attorneys Brett Eliasen and Tyler Selcer.  All three attorneys at the firm are formidable criminal defense attorneys, and you can be assured that any one of them will provide serious criminal defense against your Fort Morgan charges.  The firm believes that everyone deserves a quality defense, and everything must be done to protect its clients’ futures.

Recognized for Exceptional Morgan County Criminal Defense

As accomplished trial lawyers and skillful negotiators, Jacob E. Martinez and his team have achieved numerous trial acquittals, dismissals, and favorable client outcomes. It is a track record that has garnered them a fair amount of recognition:

Mr. Martinez has also been recognized outside of his professional endeavors. His alma mater, the University of Colorado School of Law, presented him with its Public Interest Service Award for community engagement, and he has given his time to students of all ages.

When your or your loved one’s future is on the line in Fort Morgan, a legal team earning this kind of reputation is exactly who you want on your side.

No Matter What Fort Morgan Charges You Face, the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez Can Help

At the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez, we stand ready to assist you with a diverse range of criminal defense cases. Some of the most frequent types of charges we help people in fighting include:

Schedule A Free Initial Consultation and Start Defending Yourself Against Your Morgan County Charges

Do not delay building your defense. The longer you wait, the more challenging your situation may become. Do not give the prosecution a bigger head start than they already have.

The sooner you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney — such as the attorneys at the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez — the better.  Whether you have been formally charged or are under investigation, refrain from making any statements, assert your 5th Amendment rights, and call our office.

The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez can provide counsel on what actions are most advantageous, given your circumstances. The distinction between a conviction and an acquittal or dismissal can hinge on just a few words.

Take criminal charges in Fort Morgan seriously. Trying to navigate Fort Morgan’s criminal justice system alone could have significant, lifelong repercussions. This is true even for “minor “charges, as individuals often realize unforeseen costs and penalties too late.

Give your case the attention and respect it warrants. Complete our online case evaluation form or contact the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez today for a complimentary initial consultation. Rest assured, your case will be handled with skill and care in our capable hands.