Denver Assault Attorney: Skilled defense of assault and violent crimes in Colorado

A violent crime is any criminal offense which involves the use of, or even just the threat of, force or violence.  Violent crime is a broad legal category that encompasses a number of criminal offenses.  When charged with a violent crime, a skilled, knowledgeable Denver assault attorney is essential.

Generally, assault is the most common type of violent crime.  If you have been charged with assault or another violent crime, you will face serious criminal penalties, including fines, probation and possible jail or prison time.  You want a Colorado assault attorney who can protect your rights and interests and minimize the consequences.  Your best defense for these types of crimes is to hire an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney as early as possible in the criminal process to help you negotiate the terms of your surrender and bond, and fight for you during the period after your arrest.

Crimes of violence can include, but are not limited to:


Threats and Recklessness:

Kidnapping and False Imprisonment:


Unfortunately, too many people are coerced into signing a confession for these crimes because police make them believe they have a better chance for minimizing penalties.  Always talk to a criminal defense attorney before giving away information. If you have been taken into custody, you do not have to make a statement to law enforcement. If law enforcement desires an interview with you, you have the right to have a lawyer present during any such interview. Our Denver assault attorneys are skilled trial lawyers who will counsel and advise you on the best course of action.

Depending on the level and nature of the charges, punishment can be severe if you are convicted of assault, manslaughter, or domestic violence, particularly if a weapon was allegedly used in the commission of the crime.  Our attorneys will work hard to successfully defend those accused of assault, family violence, and other violent offenses.  We understand that a conviction can change the lives of you and your family.  Our commitment is to ensuring you receive a fair trial and providing you with aggressive representation.

We understand the high stakes involved in the accusation of an assault or other violent criminal offense.  Making even one mistake can mean the difference between winning and losing.  Law enforcement and prosecution are getting tougher and tougher on these types of cases, and they are equipped with a variety of tools and resources ready to use against you, including high-tech surveillance, wire taps, informants, and more.

The facts of your case will determine the best course of action.  We examine the police records and conduct our own investigation.  Are there witnesses?  Is there physical evidence? Did the victim suffer bruises or go to the hospital?  Are the allegations connected to a break up, divorce or child custody case?  Who started the fight?  Who called the police? Was there alcohol involved?

Assault and violent crime charges require proactive representation and a knowledge of the local justice system.  Contact our office today for a free legal consultation and to discuss your case with our experienced Denver criminal defense attorneys.