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In Colorado, a court can enter a protection order — also referred to as a restraining order — in order to “protect” a person, party, or interest from a specific individual.  Practically speaking, a protection order prohibits a specific person from engaging in specific conduct for a specific period of time.

A protection order can arise in one of three situations.  First, a court in a criminal case can issue a “Mandatory Protection Order” against the defendant that will remain in effect until the case’s resolution.  Such a criminal protection order often prohibits the defendant from engaging in certain conduct, such as contacting the alleged victim or a witness in the case, or from possessing a firearm, or from using alcohol or controlled substances during the case.  Secondly, a court can issue a “Temporary Civil Protection Order.”  This type of protection order arises when a person petitions the court for temporary relief from an individual he or she feels threatened or endangered by.  Lastly, a court can issue a “Permanent Civil Protection Order” after the court finds that a person who sought a Temporary Civil Protection Order was indeed threatened or endangered by the individual who the temporary order was issued against.

Once a court issues any type of protection order, the violation of such an order will constitute a criminal offense, and subject the violator to a criminal conviction and possible jail time.

Denver restraining order attorney Jacob E. MartinezDenver protection order attorney Jacob E. Martinez represents those in all types of protection order cases.  He represents those seeking civil protection orders against people his clients feel threatened or endangered by.  He defends those who feel a civil protection order is being wrongfully sought against them.  He represents those facing charges for allegedly violating a criminal or civil protection order.  The attorneys at the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez are Denver  restraining order attorneys with experience in all facets of protection orders and restraining orders in Colorado.

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