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Technology is a permanent and important part of our everyday lives.  As we continue to rely more upon technology as an indispensable and vital part of our lives, the possibility of committing unlawful acts using computers or other technologies only increases.  Further, because of the vast array of personal, financial, and social information that is accessible by computer, computer crimes are taken seriously by judges and prosecutors.  Because technology criminal allegations are here to stay, one charged with such an offense needs a computer crimes attorney ready and able to defend himself.

Computer crimes are varied, with multiple statutes prohibiting various specified conduct.  One can be charged with a computer by accessing information without permission, and one can be charged with computer crimes if he or she uses a computer to view, access, or trade illegal materials.

If you are charged with a computer, contact our Denver computer crimes attorney today to discuss your case.  Computer crimes are often complicated and very technical.  Our Colorado computer crimes attorney will use all investigative methods necessary — including forensic analysis of your computer — to defend you against a computer crime allegation.

If you are charged with one of the computer crimes below, contact our skilled Colorado computer crimes attorney today to discuss your options.


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