Durango-La Plata County Criminal Defense


If you find yourself on the wrong side of a criminal allegation in Durango, your first reaction might be confusion and fear. What could this mean for you? What kind of penalties will you be up against? How might this impact your job or your family? What are your chances of getting a positive outcome?

The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez understands those thoughts and feelings. In their years of practicing Colorado criminal defense throughout the entire state of Colorado, they have helped countless people through similar situations, and Mr. Martinez and his team are ready and willing to assist in your case as well. What do you get when you work with The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez?

Law Office of Jacob Martinez Awards

Fierce Protectors

We utilize our many years of experience and unparalleled knowledge of Colorado criminal law to fight hard for the rights of every client we take on, with the goal of getting your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed.

Dignity and Compassion

No matter what your background is and what allegations you face, we promise to approach your case with respect, fairness, and robust legal support. Everyone deserves to be treated with individualized attention and given the best shot to protect their future from the sometimes harsh criminal justice system.

Proven Track Record

The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez has seen it all. Over our careers, we have defended 1000+ clients, ensuring they receive the best possible outcome in their case, whether that requires us to fight for them at the negotiation table or in jury trials. We have achieved countless jury trial acquittals, complete dismissals, and mitigated outcomes.  No matter what path your case takes, we know what to do.

Choose a Knowledgeable Attorney Focused Exclusively on Criminal Defense

Jacob E. Martinez brings well over a decade of experience in criminal defense law to his practice. He is distinguished by his profound understanding of the Colorado legal system, coupled with well-respected defense strategies.

A native of Colorado, Mr. Martinez refined his skills by clerking for esteemed Colorado criminal defense attorneys and representing clients at the University of Colorado School of Law’s criminal defense clinic before he was even licensed to practice law.

After obtaining that license in 2010, Mr. Martinez spent years at a prestigious Denver criminal defense firm, honing the skills needed to excel as a top-tier criminal defense attorney, before establishing the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez in 2014.

Since obtaining his license, Jacob Martinez has focused solely on criminal defense law, considering it a badge of honor to champion the rights of the accused. His unwavering commitment assures his clients that he is steadfast on their side. With his entire career dedicated to Colorado criminal defense law, Mr. Martinez has acquired an extensive understanding of the key figures and institutions crucial to his client’s success.

Backed by an impressive team, Mr. Martinez is dedicated to helping every client navigate the challenging terrain of Durango’s criminal justice system. He firmly believes in everyone’s right to a fair trial and advocates against allowing criminal charges to devastate someone’s life.

Recognized for Exceptional La Plata Criminal Defense

As a seasoned trial lawyer and an adept negotiator, Jacob Martinez and his team have secured numerous trial acquittals, dismissals, and favorable client outcomes. It is an admirable track record that has garnered them a fair amount of recognition:

Mr. Martinez has also been recognized outside of his legal endeavors. His alma mater, the University of Colorado School of Law, presented him with its Public Interest Service Award for community contributions.

When your future is on the line in Durango, a legal team earning this kind of respect and attention is exactly who you want on your side.

No Matter What Durango Charges You Face, Jacob E. Martinez Will Help You Mount a Solid Defense

At the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez, we stand ready to assist you with a diverse range of criminal defense cases. Some of the most frequent types of charges we help people in fighting include:


An Experienced Guide Through The Durango Criminal Justice System

Throughout his tenure as a Colorado criminal defense attorney, Mr. Martinez has witnessed how our legal system can overwhelm individuals with complex procedures, particularly when they lack proper guidance. The experience, skill, and commitment of The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez can help to even the playing field.

What does collaborating with Mr. Martinez entail?

Starting from the complimentary initial consultation, we prioritize listening to you attentively. That way, we can fully comprehend the charges and circumstances from your perspective. Every detail holds significance when the objective is to have your charges dropped, dismissed, or mitigated.

Often, individuals possess information they may not recognize as crucial. We take pride in uncovering as much pertinent information as possible to navigate toward success strategically.

When your best course of action involves trial, we draw upon our extensive trial experience and tap into our network of resources, investigators, and experts cultivated over years of criminal defense advocacy.

Furthermore, our firm distinguishes itself by employing cutting-edge technology in criminal defense litigation, such as geo-imaging and 3D scene recreation. Notably, Mr. Martinez was featured in a video by Leica Geosystems, an international company specializing in geo-imaging and laser measurement instruments, showcasing how such tools can enhance modern court proceedings.

With innovative approaches like these, you can trust that The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez will leverage every available tool and exhaust all legal avenues to safeguard your future and minimize potential consequences.

Schedule A Free Initial Consultation to Begin Battling Your La Plata County Charges

Do not wait to start building your defense. The longer you delay, the more challenging they may become to combat. Why? Because you are allowing the government a head start.

Additionally, when under pressure—such as in an interrogation room—you might feel compelled to speak, believing you have no alternative or that it is in your best interest. Unfortunately, this often leads to statements that can harm your case.

The earliest opportunity is the optimal time to seek guidance from a knowledgeable defense attorney. Whether you have been formally charged or sense the potential for criminal charges looming, refrain from making any statements, assert your right to counsel, and reach out to us.

The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez can provide counsel on what actions are most advantageous, given your circumstances. The distinction between a conviction and an acquittal or dismissal can hinge on just a few words.

Take criminal charges in Durango seriously. Attempting to navigate our criminal justice system alone could have significant, lifelong repercussions. This holds true even for seemingly minor charges, as there are often unforeseen costs and penalties that individuals realize too late.

Grant your case the attention and respect it warrants. Complete our online case evaluation form or contact the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez today for a complimentary initial consultation. Rest assured, your case will be handled with skill and care in our capable hands.