Governmental Operations

Defense Attorney in Denver, CO

Colorado law prohibits certain conduct committed against governmental employees or entities.  These offenses are classified as “Governmental Operations Offenses.”  If charged with such an offense, it is important to consult with a skilled Colorado criminal defense attorney today.

These offenses generally involve an allegation that a citizen displayed a lack of respect for, or resistance of, governmental authority.  Because, under our democratic form of government, the citizenry vests power in the government to act in its interests and on its behalf, the law affords the government enhanced protection and respect.  When an individual citizen acts in a way perceived to compromise that enhanced position, he or she may find himself or herself subject to criminal prosecution.

Such cases are taken very seriously by prosecutors.  Because prosecutors are also a part of the government, an individual can often feel overwhelmed, outmatched, or outnumbered by such criminal allegations.  Indeed, the individual is often at a disadvantage.  By retaining the services of a strong Denver criminal defense lawyer, the individual defendant can even the scales.

If you are charged with one of the governmental operations offenses, below, contact our criminal defense attorney today to discuss your options.