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Jacob E. Martinez protects his clients with an aggressive defense fueled by intelligence and experience. His goal is always to get charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced, and he will fight hard to make that happen.


Mr. Martinez has defended people from all walks of life, and believes everyone deserves a fair trial and strong representation. No matter what you have been accused of, you should be treated with kindness and respect.


When you face criminal charges, you want the best possible advocate on your side. For we have helped countless clients get the best possible results in their case. We have seen it all, and know what to do.

A Seasoned Defense Attorney

Who Knows Colorado Criminal Law

As a Denver native and practicing attorney for more than 10 years, Jacob E. Martinez combines an impeccable understanding of the Colorado legal system with resolute defense. Martinez spent six years at a prestigious Denver criminal defense firm to learn from the best before striking out on his own in 2014 and forming the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez.

Since then, he has been working proudly alongside his associates to guide Coloradans through the stressful landscape of our criminal justice system. He believes everyone is entitled to a fair fight and that unnecessary criminal charges should not be allowed to ruin someone’s life.

High-Quality Criminal Defense

That Is Well-Recognized

Over the years, Mr. Martinez has successfully taken on all types of criminal cases, consistently winning dismissals, getting charges dropped, and mitigating serious outcomes for his clients. His tireless defense has not gone unnoticed:

National Trial Lawyers designated him a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and named him to their list of the Top 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys Under 40. They also included Martinez in the Executive Committee of the National Trial Lawyers.

The American Institute of DUI Attorneys has included the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez in the 10 Best Law Firms for Client

Avvo has awarded Martinez the Avvo Client’s Choice Award in addition to naming him an Avvo Top Attorney.

Mr. Martinez has been recognized outside of his legal endeavors as well. His alma mater, the University of Colorado School of Law, presented him with their Public Interest Service Award for his community contributions.

Bottom line? Mr. Martinez cares deeply about Colorado and Coloradans, and his skill and experience in helping people in our state has received plenty of attention.

Powerful Defense No Matter What
Colorado Criminal Charges You Face

The Law Office Jacob E. Martinez is equipped to help you in a wide array of criminal defense cases. Do not hesitate to discuss your charges with us. The most common types of charges we help people fight include:

A Denver Defense Attorney

with Empathy and Understanding

When the reality of a criminal charge hits, you may find yourself overwhelmed. Your feelings might swing from confusion and fear to despair and hopelessness — even anger and frustration toward those accusing you and a seemingly uncaring system.

Jacob E. Martinez understands this. He also knows people can be charged with crimes for various reasons. Perhaps you suffered a temporary lapse in judgment. Or you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. In some cases, people are completely innocent of the charges they face. Because of this, he has learned to approach criminal defense with compassionate optimism. To support his clients — no matter the specifics of their situation — in what is often the darkest moment of their life. Remind them that even very serious criminal charges do not have to define a person for the rest of their lives.

Let Jacob E. Martinez Guide You

Through the Maze of the Colorado Criminal Justice System

From his years in court, Mr. Martinez has seen how our legal system buries people in complicated processes — especially when they lack guidance. To earn the best possible outcome in your Colorado criminal case, you need the intelligence and experience of Jacob E. Martinez.
What does working with Mr. Martinez look like?

In the free initial consultation, he will sit down with you to ensure he understands the charges and situations surrounding them from your perspective. Every detail matters when the goal is to get your charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced, and those who have been accused often possess information they do not even realize is important.

When your highest chance at the best outcome is to go to trial, Mr. Martinez will draw on a network of resources, knowledge, and contacts accumulated through years of criminal defense experience. He will leave no legal stone unturned in his effort to protect your future and minimize any consequences you might face.