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We fiercely protect our clients with an aggressive defense powered by our many years of experience and expertise. Our goal is always to get cases dismissed, or charges dropped, and we fight hard to make that happen.


We defend people from all walks of life, and we believe everyone deserves honesty, fairness, and strong representation. No matter what you have been accused of, you have our word -- your case will be our priority.


We have proven track records both in jury trials and at the negotiation table. We have helped 1000+ clients achieve the best possible results in their cases. We can do the same for you. We have seen it all, and we know what to do.

A Seasoned Defense Attorney

Exclusively Dedicated to Colorado Criminal Defense

A Denver native who has been practicing criminal defense law for well over a decade, Jacob E. Martinez combines an impeccable understanding of the Colorado legal system with thoughtful, robust, and respected defense. Mr. Martinez’s commitment to criminal defense runs deep.  When he formed the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez, in 2014, Mr. Martinez had already spent years sharpening his criminal defense skills.  Prior to opening his practice, Mr. Martinez worked six years with another of Denver’s distinguished criminal defense firms.  Prior to that, he clerked for multiple respected Colorado criminal defense attorneys, and he also defended indigent clients with the University of Colorado School of Law’s criminal defense clinic.  At the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez, an unflappable commitment to defending the criminally accused is in our DNA.  

Mr. Martinez has exclusively practiced criminal defense law since becoming a licensed attorney.  This dogged dedication to defending only the rights of the criminally accused is a point of pride, and it allows his clients to rest assured that he is always and only on their side.  The fact that Mr. Martinez is a Denver native and has spent his entire career in Colorado criminal defense means he has cultivated a longstanding knowledge of the actors and institutions that will play an important role in his clients’ success.

With this pedigree and dedication, Mr. Martinez has been working proudly alongside his intrepid associates to guide every client through the stressful landscape of the criminal justice system. Everyone is entitled to a fair fight, and everything should be done to prevent criminal charges from ruining one’s life and reputation.

Exceptional Criminal Defense

That Is Well-Recognized

Over the years, Mr. Martinez has successfully defended clients facing all types of criminal charges — from DUI to homicide, and nearly everything in between.  He is both a proven trial attorney and skilled advocate, achieving numerous trial acquittals, dismissals, and mitigated outcomes for his clients.  

His unwavering defense has not gone unnoticed.  For example:

U.S. News and World Report has recognized the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez as amongst the Best Law Firms for four consecutive years running.

So far, in 2024 alone, the firm has been ranked #1 in all of Denver by TrustAnalytica for domestic violence defense allegations as well as #1 in all of Denver by Best of Mile High for criminal defense.

Additionally, the National Trial Lawyers designated Mr. Martinez a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and, before he turned 40, named him to their list of the Top 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys Under 40. They also included Mr. Martinez in the Executive Committee of the National Trial Lawyers.

Associate attorneys Brett Eliasen and Tyler Selcer have also been recognized by The National Trial Lawyers as Top 40 Under 40 for criminal defense.

The American Institute of DUI Attorneys has included the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez in the 10 Best Law Firms for Client

Avvo has awarded Mr. Martinez the Avvo Client’s Choice Award in addition to naming him an Avvo Top Attorney.

Mr. Martinez has been recognized outside of his legal endeavors as well. His alma mater, the University of Colorado School of Law, presented him with their Public Interest Service Award for his community contributions.

And the list goes on…

The bottom line? Mr. Martinez cares deeply about Colorado and those charged in its criminal courts, and his skill and experience in helping people in our state has received plenty of attention.

Powerful Defense No Matter What
Colorado Criminal Charges You Face

The Law Office Jacob E. Martinez is equipped to help you in a wide array of criminal defense cases. Do not hesitate to discuss your charges with us. The most common types of charges we help people fight include:

A Denver Defense Attorney

with Empathy and Understanding

When the reality of being criminally charged sets in, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Your feelings might swing from confusion and fear to despair and hopelessness — even anger toward those accusing you and frustration with a seemingly uncaring system.

Jacob E. Martinez understands this. He also understands that just because you are charged with a crime, it doesn’t mean you’re guilty of anything.  Further, even if you may have had a temporary lapse in judgment, it doesn’t mean you should be treated harshly, like a mere “criminal.”  There are many reasons one may face criminal charges, and each case is different.  Each client has their own story, background, and unique circumstances. Because of this, The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez approaches criminal defense with compassion, support, and optimism.  We take the time to learn the unique reasons each client is facing criminal prosecution, and we work to provide light in what is often a very dark time — no matter the case, no matter the client.  We don’t believe criminal charges should define a person, and we work hard to provide the support and skill necessary to allow our clients to move forward in their individual lives so that they can reach their fullest potentials.

Let Our Expertise Guide You

Through the Complexities of the Colorado Criminal Justice System

From his years as a Colorado criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Martinez has seen how our legal system can bury good people in complicated processes — especially when they lack guidance.  The experience, skill, and dedication of The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez can help level the playing field.

What does working with Mr. Martinez look like?

From the free initial consultation, we take the time to listen to you so we clearly understand the charges and circumstances from your perspective. Every detail matters when the goal is to get your charges dropped, dismissed, or reduced.  Oftentimes, people  possess information they do not even realize is important.  We take pride in unearthing as much information as possible, so we can best chart a course to success.

When your best chance of success is going to trial, we will draw upon our vast trial experience, and our network of resources, investigators, and experts that we have cultivated through our years of criminal defense advocacy. Additionally, our office has the rare distinction of employing cutting-edge technology in criminal defense litigation such as through the use of geo-imaging and 3D scene recreation.  Leica Geosystems, an international company that manufactures geo-imaging and laser measurement instruments, featured Mr. Martinez in a video demonstrating how such tools can be used in modern court proceedings.  The video is below. With innovative approaches such as these, you can be assured that The Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez will use every tool possible and leave no legal stone unturned in our efforts to protect your future and minimize any consequences you might face.