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Alcohol and drug related driving offenses are serious matters that can affect a person’s livelihood, reputation, and liberty.  If you are charged with DUI, DWAI, or DUID in Colorado, you need an experienced Denver DUI attorney to advise you of the possible consequences you may face.  As an American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys 10 Best DUI Attorney, a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, a Lead Counsel Peer Rated Attorney, an Avvo Client’s Choice award winner, and an Avvo Top Attorney for DUI, Denver DUI lawyer Jacob E. Martinez has the experience necessary to defend these cases, and he knows what it takes to successfully represent an individual so accused.

Colorado DUI laws have steadily evolved over the years, with many changes occurring within the past few years.  What was once treated with a “slap on the wrist” can now result in significant jail time, loss of driver’s license, or both.  Denver DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez knows the present state of Colorado DUI laws, and he knows what prosecutors and judges look for when contemplating the consequences for those accused.  More importantly, Mr. Martinez has successfully defended these cases, achieving complete dismissal numerous times.

Details matter.  Of course, the outcome in your case will depend upon multiple factors.  That is why, in every DUI case, Mr. Martinez analyzes all the details that are important to your defense, such as: whether you have any prior alcohol or drug related driving offenses; whether you have any criminal history; your driving history; what led to the police contacting you; whether you admitted to consuming alcohol and or drugs; whether you submitted to roadside testing; how you performed on any roadside testing; whether you submitted to a chemical test of your blood or breath; the alcohol or drug levels present in your blood at the time of testing; the police officer’s training and execution of any analytical tests, and; whether the analytical testing processes were reliably conducted.

Denver DUI Attorney Jacob E. MartinezDenver DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez thoroughly analyzes and considers all of these details, as well as any additional relevant circumstances.  Every time.  Every case.  Knowing how to interpret and utilize these details to your benefit is important, and Mr. Martinez possesses this knowledge.  So, whether this is your first experience with law enforcement, or if you have prior alcohol-related convictions, it is important that you contact experienced, detail-oriented Denver DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez right away to protect important rights you have.

Time is of the essence.  These cases often consist of two procedures: the criminal case, which involves possible jail time, alcohol classes, community service, fines and costs; and the DMV proceeding, which deals solely with one’s driving privileges.  When facing a DUI, it is important to consult an attorney as soon as possible so that you can be advised of both procedures, early on.  Depending upon the type of chemical test you took, if you took one at all, you may only have one week to act to protect your driving privileges with the DMV.  Specifically, if you took a breath test, or if the police are claiming that you “refused” a chemical test, you have seven days to request a hearing at the DMV to keep your driver’s license.  If you took a blood test, you have a similar amount of time to request a DMV hearing once any BAC result above .08 is received.  If you fail to request a DMV hearing in a timely manner, your driver’s license will be suspended for a minimum period of nine months.  Additionally, if you are convicted of DUI, DWAI, or DUID in court, you may face further loss of your driving privileges, even if a first time offender.

We are unafraid to take your case to jury trial.  Skilled Denver DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez has achieved great results for his clients, including many dismissals.  Of course, every case is different, and a dismissal is not possible every time.  However, he will always strive to go above and beyond, with dismissal always being his first goal.  Sometimes, the only way to pursue dismissal is by taking the case to jury trial.  As a Denver DUI attorney with years of trial experience, Mr. Martinez is very knowledgeable about trial procedures and tactics.  He understands how prosecutors think and how to use the best defense tactics in all phases of your case, including trial.

Contact Denver DUI Attorney Jacob E. Martinez Now.  Colorado has little tolerance when it comes to alcohol, drugs, and driving.  Do not attempt to fight a DUI, DWAI, or DUID charge alone.  Consult Jacob E. Martinez, an experienced DUI attorney in Denver, Colorado, by contacting his firm immediately.  He has extensive experience defending these important, complex matters.  Contact him today for a free  consultation.

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