Denver Protection Order Attorney Defending Those Accused of Violating Protection Orders Throughout Colorado

Violating a protection order is a serious offense, and those so accused can benefit from the representation of a skilled Denver criminal defense attorney.  In Colorado, it is unlawful for an individual to violate a protection order entered into effect by a judge or magistrate.  There are two types of protection orders that can be effectuated against an individual — a criminal protection order, and a civil protection order.

Courts issue criminal protection orders against defendants while the criminal case is awaiting resolution.  These orders span the timeframe between pretrial phases and the end of probation or parole.  Criminal protection orders generally prohibit a defendant from contacting witnesses or alleged victims, possessing firearms, consuming alcohol or drugs, or going near certain people or places.  Additionally, a court can tailor specific prohibitions against a defendant depending upon the circumstances.

Courts can also issue civil protection orders.  When a court issues a civil protection order, it has done so because a party has convinced the court that he, she, or a loved one has been subjected to threats, harassment, or endangerment by the person against whom the order was entered.

Violation of either type of protection order — whether criminal or civil — is a serious offense.  Prosecutors and judges often take these offenses personally, as they view them as a deliberate act of disrespect and disobedience to themselves and the legal system as a whole.  In some jurisdictions, such an offense is more likely to lead to jail.

If you are charged with violating a protection order, contact respected Denver criminal defense attorney Jacob E. Martinez today to discuss your case.