The Consequences of Vehicular Homicide in Colorado

Facing accusations of vehicular homicide is an incredibly serious and distressing situation for anyone involved. Imagine the haunting feeling of knowing that your actions behind the wheel have resulted in the loss of another person’s life. As the weight of the situation settles in, questions about the consequences of such an offense and the impact it will have on your future start to consume your thoughts.

Vehicular homicide, a term dreaded by both drivers and pedestrians alike, has far-reaching implications [...]

Why Does Vehicular Homicide Happen in Colorado?

In Colorado, vehicular homicide is defined as causing another person’s death while driving a vehicle, whether intentionally or through reckless behavior. It can devastate families and communities, leaving lasting emotional and financial scars. Moreover, this serious criminal offense carries severe consequences, including lengthy prison sentences and steep fines.

Unfortunately, vehicular homicides have been rising throughout Colorado recently, leaving many people wondering why this frightening trend is happening. According to a report by the Denver Post, there were 57 fatal [...]

Your Guide to Colorado Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault

Accidents, especially involving vehicles, happen. It’s a part of the risk everyone accepts when they get behind the wheel. But when someone in a vehicle strikes and harms another, or kills them, then it’s more than just a simple accident in the eyes of the law.

In certain situations, injuring or killing another person in an accident may be a crime. In Colorado, vehicular assault or vehicular homicide may come into play.

Below, we’ll cover what you need to know [...]

Your Guide to Vehicular Homicide and Assault in Denver

Accidents happen. But when someone strikes and hurts – or even kills – another person with a car, it can be more than just an accident.

You find examples of these tragedies almost anywhere. For example, this year a man in Lakewood  got behind the wheel while intoxicated. He was charged with vehicular homicide after he hit and killed a cyclist.

Still, when does an incident turn from an accident into something more, like vehicular assault or homicide? Read on [...]

Involved in a Colorado Vehicular Death? Stay Put!

Accidents are scary, especially when someone gets seriously injured or even dies. The response people have when involved in a serious accident runs the gamut – from being frozen in fear to actively fleeing the scene.

If you choose the latter, though, you may be making more legal problems for yourself than you think, as one man found out on New Year’s Eve.

A 23-year-old Aurora man was arrested for an accident that killed a three-year-old boy. He fled the [...]