Distribution of Drugs in CO: What If You’re Arrested?

Possession with the intent to distribute is a serious drug charge in Colorado, even with the state’s progress toward drug legalization and decriminalization.

It’s important for every citizen to understand not only what charges of possession with intent to distribute mean but also what steps to take when you’re arrested for this crime. Read on to find out all about this drug crime in Colorado and what you should do if you’re arrested.

What Is Possession with Intent to Distribute[...]

What Are the Alternatives to Jail Time for CO Drug Crimes

Being convicted in certain circumstances of drug possession in Colorado can result in serious penalties. However, Colorado is one state that has looked to change its approach to drug crimes over the last few years.

The state has made marijuana legal and has decriminalized the possession of certain quantities of narcotics. So, if you find yourself in court facing a drug charge, things may not look as bleak as they once may have been. In fact, the state has been [...]

Colorado Drug Trafficking Isn’t the Only Charge You’re Facing

Marijuana has been legal in Colorado for over seven years, and the 2020 election shows that states are still following suit. That doesn’t mean that Coloradoans face no rules when it comes to handling the substance, though.

If you are involved in any sort of out-of-state marijuana distribution, you are likely to face more than one charge. Some of these charges will be drug charges, while others may involve money, weapons, or elements that appear to be completely unrelated to [...]

Colorado Defelonized Drug Possession, Not Drug Trafficking

Being accused of a drug crime is a scary thing and is often confusing to boot. The laws surrounding drug possession and drug trafficking are complicated.

Being found in possession of a substance, especially in Colorado, may not lead to a serious offense, but being accused of trafficking those drugs can be – and there’s a fine line between possession and trafficking under the law.

In Northern Colorado, six people were recently accused of drug trafficking after several different types [...]

CO Deputy Has Been Fighting I-70 Drug Trafficking for Over 20 Years

Drug trafficking is a battle that Colorado has been fighting for decades. One of the most valuable weapons the state has against drug trafficking? It is actually a person.

One particular Colorado deputy has made drug busts along the I-70 highway his life mission, and more than twenty years later, he’s well on his way.

The Mesa County Deputy with 1,000+ Seizures Under His Belt

During the deputy’s time policing his beat, he’s confiscated more than 20 tons of illegal [...]