Do You Know the Difference between Probation and Parole in CO?

Parole and probation are both alternatives to imprisonment. Another thing they have in common is that either a probation violation or a parole violation is a threat to your freedom, and could potentially land you in jail for some or all of your original sentence.

However, these sentences are handed down under different circumstances, and their terms differ to some extent.

We’ve put together a guide covering the similarities and differences between parole and probation, the consequences of a violation, [...]

Defense Strategies Coloradans Can Use to Fight Probation Violations


Probation programs provide an extremely valuable opportunity that may allow you to serve all or part of your sentence outside of prison.

However, Colorado probation programs have strict requirements, and any violations will not be tolerated. If you’re found to be in violation, you could even have your probation revoked, and be required to serve out the rest of your sentence behind bars.

If you’re hit with a probation violation, your freedom is at stake. It’s of utmost importance [...]

Follow These Terms to Avoid Violating Your Colorado Probation

Judges will often commute a prison sentence to probation, especially for first-time and/or low-level offenders. Under probation, your prison sentence is suspended and you are allowed to remain in the community.

However, although probation is clearly preferable to incarceration, it also comes with stringent terms that you are obligated to follow. Failure to comply with probation terms and conditions may result not only in the revocation of your probation, but also additional penalties such as the reinstitution of your original [...]

Former Denver Nugget Denies Probation Violation Allegations

If you are put on probation, you still have to display excellent behavior and stay out of trouble. Actions that are perfectly legal for anyone else may put you back in the courtroom – or possibly even jail.

Depending on the terms of your probation, one of those actions may be the seemingly innocuous decision to have a few drinks. Ty Lawson is learning this the hard way.

Back in 2015, when Lawson was still playing with the Denver Nuggets, [...]

So You Violated Your Probation

If you were convicted of a crime, you know that the repercussions from that crime don’t quickly go away. Even if you were placed on probation instead of being incarcerated, you may have a long road ahead of you to make sure you’re compliant with your probation sentence.

For many, probation can be complicated because of the numerous rules and restrictions involved. If you don’t follow those rules and restrictions completely, you will be in violation of your probation and [...]