Pepper Spray: How to Make Your CO Retail Theft Charges Worse

Shoplifting may seem like an offense that is no big deal but get caught, and you can still face a theft charge that could land on your criminal record.

Furthermore, if during the commission of that crime something goes wrong, then depending on your reaction, you might just face additional charges – as two Arvada suspects will soon learn.

Two men were suspected of shoplifting from a King Soopers in Arvada. When a loss prevention officer approached them, they sprayed [...]

Local Retail Theft Becomes Federal Conviction in Colorado

Ever taken advantage of a five-finger discount? Slip something extra into the bottom of your cart and never lay it on the conveyer belt? Most Coloradoans can probably say it’s happened once in their lifetime, and it wasn’t that big of a deal.

What they may not know is sometimes it is — and a really big one at that. Being charged with theft in Colorado can mean an array of legal consequences depending on what it is that was [...]

Retail Theft: Don’t Let Colorado Mask Orders Tempt You!

Around the country, there have been many unintended side effects as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Law enforcement has been reporting everything from increased domestic violence to rising suicide numbers.

One other effect the virus seems to be having is that some people have become emboldened in carrying out criminal activities. One example was a case in Connecticut that involved a couple using masks and gloves to carry out criminal acts, including retail theft.

The numbers of these crimes [...]

You’ve Been Falsely Accused of Shoplifting in Colorado – What Now?

Shoplifting is a crime that has been occurring since people started selling things. There are many examples of how shoplifting can occur, including taking goods from a retail store, walking out of a restaurant, or using a service without paying for it.

Unfortunately, due to increased loss prevention tactics within Colorado to preserve profit, it can be very easy to be mistaken or falsely accused as a shoplifter. Nobody likes to be accused of doing something that they didn’t do, [...]

Colorado Shoplifting FAQs

Many people take the act of shoplifting lightly – it’s considered by many to be a frivolous and victimless crime. However, any and all shoplifting charges should be taken seriously, especially in states like ours, where no legal distinction is made between shoplifting and other forms of theft.

If you’re facing Colorado shoplifting charges, it’s very important to understand how shoplifting laws work in Colorado. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide covering the basics of Colorado shoplifting, which should answer [...]