Possession Of Child Pornography in CO: Is Only Viewing a Crime?

Child pornography is a crime with serious consequences. It is exploiting those who are most vulnerable in our society and is not viewed favorably by the court – including those who do not make or distribute but merely possess it. Yes, that’s right, viewing child pornography for sexual gratification, even if you’ve not produced or distributed it, is still a crime in Colorado – and a quite serious one.

If you’re facing child pornography charges in the state or have [...]

Child Pornography Charges: How Coloradans Can Fight Back

Few things come with more of a stigma than child pornography charges.

Being labeled a sex offender is bad enough, but if you’re thought of as someone who preys on children, you may find yourself completely abandoned by people you thought cared about you and your well-being.

In this post, we’re going to outline child pornography laws and penalties in Colorado and at the federal level, then detail several potential defense strategies that a skilled Denver criminal attorney might employ [...]

The Ethics of Catching Child Pornography Offenders

Last year, the FBI operated one of the largest child pornography websites on the internet for almost two weeks.

Yes, you read that right. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was running a child pornography site. The site gave users access to (and the ability to download) thousands of illegal pictures and videos. From a government website.

According to USA Today, under the FBI, Playpen – the child pornography site – had more than 23,000 links to images and videos of [...]