Colorado Is Serious about Protecting Teens Online — Including from Sexting

The internet poses a risk to kids. That is just fact. All over the country, states are taking measures to help protect kids from the dangers present online – including Colorado.

The changes made to laws in Colorado have taken it from the 22nd safest state for kids to the number one place. What is responsible for this change? Primarily, the state has put more laws in place for sexting, including 11 laws that seek to protect kids from [...]

Your Guide to Internet Luring Charges in Colorado

Members of the Cherry Creek School District have read unsettling headlines in the past few weeks. A bus driver in the community was charged with internet luring of a child. The man is currently on administrative leave.

An undercover officer posing as a 14-year-old girl connected with the bus driver on the Whisper app. In addition to sending sexual messages to the supposed teenager, he agreed to pick her up from school and “see where it goes from there.” He [...]