Theft Crimes and Colorado’s Felony Threshold: What You Need to Know

In the realm of criminal law, theft remains one of the most prevalent offenses across jurisdictions. In Colorado, like in many other states, the severity of theft charges and associated penalties can vary significantly based on the value of the stolen property. Understanding Colorado’s felony threshold is crucial for comprehending how theft crimes are prosecuted and penalized within the state.

Colorado’s Felony Threshold Explained

Like many states, Colorado distinguishes between misdemeanor and felony theft based on the value of the [...]

Sentencing Alternatives for Theft Crimes in Denver

The bustling city of Denver, Colorado, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, is unfortunately not immune to the challenges posed by theft crimes. Understanding the sentencing alternatives available becomes paramount if you find yourself charged with a theft offense.

Denver’s legal system offers several avenues for individuals accused of theft to navigate, each with its own implications. In this guide, we will explore key sentencing alternatives, including diversion programs, probation, and plea bargains, shedding light on the importance [...]

Shoplifting in CO This Holiday Season? Think Again

The holidays can be tempting for many reasons. Maybe you’re tempted to eat too many mincemeat pies or have yet another slice of your grandpa’s famous fruit cake. Maybe you’re overindulging in beverages at your holiday office party. Or perhaps you end up in a crowded store with merchandise everywhere and think how easy it’d be to slip something into your pocket and walk out with it.

Temptations are all around, especially during the holiday season. During this season, there [...]

Steal a Car in CO? It May Not Matter What It’s Worth

Colorado sees a lot of car thefts in a year – and the numbers continue to climb.

This has led lawmakers to reconsider how car theft is penalized here. Currently, how much a car is worth will inform the penalty for the crime upon conviction.

However, lawmakers are now fighting to change the sentencing structure for this crime. They want to enhance the penalties related to car theft that don’t take the vehicle’s value into account. Their reasoning? This property [...]

Your Boss Just Accused You of Theft in Colorado — What Now?

There are all kinds of theft crimes. Shoplifting. Package theft. Identity theft. Stealing motor vehicles.

Some kinds of theft many people don’t really even think of as a crime – like using your friend’s Netflix account. What may surprise you more, though, is that the more common theft crimes don’t involve people walking into stores to take items they didn’t pay for. Instead, it’s employees who steal from their employers.

It can be tempting to take something from the workplace [...]