Colorado Is Serious about Protecting Teens Online — Including from Sexting

The internet poses a risk to kids. That is just fact. All over the country, states are taking measures to help protect kids from the dangers present online – including Colorado.

The changes made to laws in Colorado have taken it from the 22nd safest state for kids to the number one place. What is responsible for this change? Primarily, the state has put more laws in place for sexting, including 11 laws that seek to protect kids from [...]

Internet Luring of a Child in CO: What You Need to Know

Many people have access to computers in Colorado – including kids.

If you are ever in contact with a child online and make plans to meet up for sex, then that is itself a crime in Colorado – even if sex acts never take place.

With the way computers and the internet are used in the lives of everyday people in this day and age, it’s pivotal to understand what is against the law and what potential penalties can be [...]

CO Attorney General Looks Out for Digital Fraudsters

Computers have changed the world for the better in many ways. Still, there are always going to be people who try to take advantage of others and defraud them. Computers serve as another avenue for fraudsters to commit these crimes.

This trend has not gone unnoticed, which is why the Colorado Attorney General is working to stop digital fraudsters in their tracks.

On top of the AG’s office efforts to apprehend the people committing fraud, they’re also focused on educating [...]

Viable Defenses to Colorado Computer Fraud Charges

Nearly everyone has a computer these days, which opens up a whole new world of activities, including crime. Some people find themselves unwittingly at the center of fraud related to computer crimes, as one Parker, Colorado resident recently discovered.

A couple that purchased a new home in Parker found their mailbox stuffed with unemployment debit cards. The cards sported their home address with dozens of different resident names claiming it as their own. An obvious red flag to the new [...]

Denver Woman’s eBay Scheme Costs $1M+ in Penalties

Nearly every American has a computer in their home in this day and age. Because of this, certain crimes involving computers have become much more common – and it is perpetrated by people you may not expect.

According to the Denver Post, a woman from Denver bought almost $850,000 in goods through her employer’s account and then resold them on eBay to make money. While this woman ultimately pled guilty to tax evasion and mail fraud, she easily could have [...]