When Does Colorado File Vehicular Assault Charges?

Vehicular assault is a serious offense in Colorado, and the consequences can be severe. A recent news story that illustrates this is the case of a Colorado Springs man charged with vehicular assault after a crash that injured two people. According to reports, the man was driving under the influence when he crashed into a vehicle, causing severe injuries to the driver and passenger. The man was arrested at the scene and charged with vehicular assault, DUI, and other related [...]

Your Guide to Colorado Vehicular Homicide and Vehicular Assault

Accidents, especially involving vehicles, happen. It’s a part of the risk everyone accepts when they get behind the wheel. But when someone in a vehicle strikes and harms another, or kills them, then it’s more than just a simple accident in the eyes of the law.

In certain situations, injuring or killing another person in an accident may be a crime. In Colorado, vehicular assault or vehicular homicide may come into play.

Below, we’ll cover what you need to know [...]

Your Guide to Vehicular Homicide and Assault in Denver

Accidents happen. But when someone strikes and hurts – or even kills – another person with a car, it can be more than just an accident.

You find examples of these tragedies almost anywhere. For example, this year a man in Lakewood  got behind the wheel while intoxicated. He was charged with vehicular homicide after he hit and killed a cyclist.

Still, when does an incident turn from an accident into something more, like vehicular assault or homicide? Read on [...]