Study: Legal Weed Lets Colorado Police Focus on Property Crime Arrests

See if this sounds familiar: “If cops don’t have to worry about arresting people for marijuana, they can pay attention to crimes that actually matter.”

Most of us have heard numerous variations of this argument over the years, but until 2012, it was just theoretical. Then Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana, and researchers and statisticians started chomping at the bit.

Well, a few weeks ago a study was published in Police Quarterly that seems to possibly validate those types [...]

Sharp Increase in Colorado Springs Burglaries May Mean More Charges

A Colorado Springs man recently arrived home to find his home being burglarized. When he confronted the burglar, the burglar pulled a firearm on the homeowner and pointed it at him as he ran away.

That wasn’t the end, though.

According to police, the homeowner then got into his car and chased the suspect, and came into contact with two more alleged accomplices. All of the suspects were able to flee the crime scene, so the investigation is ongoing.

This [...]

Ways You Can Get a Burglary Charge in Colorado

Burglary is typically depicted as someone sneaking in to someone’s house late at night through a window and tiptoeing around to commit theft. However, while this certainly is a form of burglary, it is not the only way that you can receive a burglary charge in our state.

In fact, Colorado’s legal definition of burglary includes many other types of crimes and types of actions. Case-in-point: burglary doesn’t have to involve someone’s home – or even a building.

All told, [...]

Denver Property Crime Decrease Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get Off Easy

Property crimes are taken very seriously in Colorado, as they often have devastating consequences for the victim(s) and/or property owner.

Fortunately, Denver has recently enjoyed a decrease in property crimes. As of this writing, the city has averaged 1917 property crimes per month in 2018, a substantial decrease from last year’s average of 2131 property crimes per month.

Local law enforcement often pays special attention to crimes that are widespread or on the rise, which might lead you to believe [...]

What to Do If You are Arrested for Burglary in Colorado

Getting arrested for burglary – or any alleged crime – can be a stressful, confusing, and frightening experience. Regardless of the reason why, though, if you find yourself under arrest, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind.

Actions to Avoid When You Are Put Under Arrest

Resisting. First, even if you believe you haven’t done anything wrong or unlawful, don’t try to fight back or argue. Not only does this not help your situation, it can aggravate [...]