Colorado Drugged Driving Defenses – What Works… and What Doesn’t

If you are facing drugged driving charges in Colorado, certain defenses have a pretty good chance of working… while others really aren’t worth your time.

In this post we’re going to talk about common strategies people try with these types of cases, focusing on which ones are generally good and which ones just plain don’t work.

First, though, a bit about DUID charges.

Understanding Drugged Driving in Colorado

Driving under the influence of any drug is a serious crime in [...]

A Guide to DUID Charges in Colorado

DUID is short for “driving under the influence of drugs.” Regardless of legalization laws, it is still a crime to operate a car under the influence of marijuana or any other drug that effects your ability to drive. This can also include prescription drugs.

Colorado Drugged Driving Laws

The Colorado Vehicle Traffic Code contains the laws that deal with drugged driving. Section 42-4-1301(1) states that:

  • It is a misdemeanor for any person who is under the influence of…one or more