Penalized for Peaceful Protests After Curfew in CO? Here’s What to Do

At the end of May, Denver was one of many cities that enacted a curfew due to protests and violence. Your first reaction to a curfew may be to think that you’re no longer a child, so it doesn’t apply to you – but you’d be wrong.

Even though you have rights associated with protesting, you can also face consequences for ignoring curfews in cities such as Denver. Here’s what you need to know about your rights as a protester, [...]

Drinking This Halloween? Beware Colorado Disorderly Conduct Charges

Halloween has become a highly popular drinking holiday in Colorado and across the US. Couple this with a holiday that is already supposed to be about engaging in “devilish” behavior and you may be at a higher risk of getting charged for disorderly conduct this Halloween.

In this post, we’re going to detail how disorderly conduct charges can be filed against you, and what you can do to fight back against your charges.

First, though, a bit more on Halloween [...]

Can You Be Arrested At a Protest for Disorderly Conduct?

Protests are a wonderful way to get out in the streets and make your voice heard. Whether you are passionate about reproductive rights, your opinions regarding President Trump’s multiple travel bans, or any other hot-button topic, you have the right to join a march or protest and speak your mind.

However, these protests can seem intimidating, especially if you have been watching the news. While most protests are peaceful and productive, the news has highlighted many recent protests that have [...]