Facing a New Year’s DUI? You’re Not By Yourself

The new year gives people time to start fresh and focus on goals for the next 12 months. However, charges from the last few moments of the previous year can follow you into the new – especially charges for a DUI over the New Year’s holiday.

The state of Colorado is directing its focus toward the enforcement of DUIs. Holiday gatherings and New Year’s Eve celebrations are when people tend to overindulge in alcohol and get behind the wheel of [...]

Were You Caught Up in the CO Labor Day DUI Crackdown?

Being pulled over under the suspicion of a DUI is never fun, but the chances of that happening increase during certain times of the year in Colorado – including Labor Day.

Law enforcement made a commitment in Colorado this year to crack down on impaired driving. They publicly stated that law enforcement agencies would crack down on impaired driving between August 17 and September 8.

If you got caught up in the DUI crackdown, you may have questions. Here are [...]

Colorado Just Barely Eeks Out of the Drunk Driving Top Dozen

Drunk driving is a problem no matter what time of the year it is, but there always seems to be an uptick around the holidays. Colorado is no exception.

The state barely missed the top-ranking states for drunk driving, slipping through at number 13. Don’t let it fool you, though. Coloradoans have a habit of getting behind the wheel after drinking, with 411 DUI-related arrests happening each year per 100,000 people.

Do you have questions about drunk driving? Here are [...]

Colorado Says Driving a Vehicle Signals Express Consent

Colorado DUI charges are serious business. These charges can lead to severe penalties such as a suspended license, fines and fees, and even jail time. You may even lose your driving privileges altogether.

It’s crucial to understand how DUI laws work in Colorado, including the idea of express consent since it can have a bearing on your case in court.

Here’s what you need to know to make sure you have the information you need to fight a Colorado DUI [...]

CO Cops Arrest Lots of People for Holiday DUIs – Don’t Be One of Them

The holidays are a time when there are plenty of parties, tons of traveling, and abundant alcohol. This can be a great time, or it can be a recipe for disaster.

It’s all too easy to get a DUI during the month when everyone is serving spiked eggnog and there’s a gathering almost every night.

It’s also easy to be safe and smart during the holidays. Avoiding a DUI is as simple as not driving while you’re intoxicated. These three [...]