Steal a Car in CO? It May Not Matter What It’s Worth

Colorado sees a lot of car thefts in a year – and the numbers continue to climb.

This has led lawmakers to reconsider how car theft is penalized here. Currently, how much a car is worth will inform the penalty for the crime upon conviction.

However, lawmakers are now fighting to change the sentencing structure for this crime. They want to enhance the penalties related to car theft that don’t take the vehicle’s value into account. Their reasoning? This property [...]

If Someone Gets Hurt in Your Colorado Auto Theft, You Pay the Price

Two car thieves could face increased charges for allegedly injuring a man who tried to stop them in the act.  What happened?

A man was sitting outside his home in the Colorado Springs area when two individuals allegedly entered his garage to steal his vehicle. When the two individuals reportedly started to drive the vehicle away, the owner jumped on the back to try to stop the theft. He was dragged for a few hundred yards before falling off and [...]

Colorado Auto Theft Charge? Don’t Drive a Stolen Car to Court

Here’s a lesson you hopefully don’t need us to teach you: do not drive a stolen car to court after being accused of car theft.

Sounds obvious, right? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a Connecticut man did earlier this month.

Jonathan Rivera, 25, was scheduled to appear in court on charges of first-degree larceny and tampering with a vehicle. He showed up for his court appearance in a 2014 Subaru Legacy.

When he arrived, parking authority agents scanned the license plates [...]