Colorado Insider Trading Charges: A Legal Perspective

Insider trading, a term often heard in financial circles and news headlines, carries significant legal implications. Colorado has seen its share of insider trading cases in recent years, prompting a closer examination of the legal framework surrounding such charges.

This blog aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of insider trading charges from a legal perspective, shedding light on what constitutes insider trading, defense strategies individuals can employ, recent legal developments, and the critical role of experienced criminal defense lawyers in [...]

A Brief Guide on Colorado’s Economic Crimes

Not all crimes are violent – but that doesn’t mean crimes without violence don’t have victims. White-collar crimes are a perfect example. Additionally, in places like Denver, white-collar crimes may be more common than you think.

According to a report by the Denver Post, there is an average of 2.9 white-collar crimes committed in Denver each day. These crimes, while not violent, can involve some steep punishments, which is why being accused of a white-collar crime is very serious.

What [...]

Seem Like White-Collar Criminals Always Get Off Easy? Not in Colorado

White-collar crimes can be some of the most destructive criminal offenses in terms of their cost to society. They are also some of the most under-reported and under-emphasized.

It’s estimated that every year in the United States white-collar crime costs society over $1 trillion in damages. This can be compared to the more publicized street crimes that cause a yearly total of $15 billion in damages.

We examine why it is that white-collar crime seems to get so much less [...]

Colorado Fraud Charges: An Overview

Fraud encompasses a wide variety of white-collar crimes, but the majority involve intentionally deceiving someone for personal gain.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an exponential increase in digital and wire communications fraud, but offenses still frequently occur via phone and regular postal mail as well.

If you have found yourself entangled in fraudulent activity – for whatever reason – you may benefit from the knowledgeable legal advice of a Colorado fraud attorney.

For now, today’s post can provide [...]

CO White Collar Crimes: Why Defending against Them Is Different

White collar crimes are serious offenses that are often prosecuted federally. If convicted, you could face serious criminal consequences, such as substantial fines and lengthy prison sentences, together with seizure of assets and other civil actions.

The term “white collar crime” generally refers to financial crimes that are committed with the intention of fraudulently obtaining financial gain. Common examples include tax fraud, securities fraud, insurance fraud, and insider trading.

White collar crimes are much more complex than most other criminal [...]