Arson vs. Accidental Fire: Building a Strong Defense in CO

In the realm of criminal defense, few charges carry as severe consequences as arson. When a fire breaks out, the line between an intentional act and a tragic accident can be thin, and navigating this fine line is crucial for both the accused and their defense attorney. In the state of Colorado, understanding the nuances of arson law and crafting a robust defense strategy is paramount. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the distinctions between arson and accidental fires, [...]

Study: Legal Weed Lets Colorado Police Focus on Property Crime Arrests

See if this sounds familiar: “If cops don’t have to worry about arresting people for marijuana, they can pay attention to crimes that actually matter.”

Most of us have heard numerous variations of this argument over the years, but until 2012, it was just theoretical. Then Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana, and researchers and statisticians started chomping at the bit.

Well, a few weeks ago a study was published in Police Quarterly that seems to possibly validate those types [...]

Denver Property Crime Decrease Doesn’t Mean You’ll Get Off Easy

Property crimes are taken very seriously in Colorado, as they often have devastating consequences for the victim(s) and/or property owner.

Fortunately, Denver has recently enjoyed a decrease in property crimes. As of this writing, the city has averaged 1917 property crimes per month in 2018, a substantial decrease from last year’s average of 2131 property crimes per month.

Local law enforcement often pays special attention to crimes that are widespread or on the rise, which might lead you to believe [...]

Colorado Arson Charges: Understanding What the Different Degrees Mean

In the state of Colorado, there are four different degrees of arson charges. In this post, we’ll explain the four different types of arson along with their penalties, then detail what you need to do if you are facing arson charges.

The Definition of Arson Under Colorado Law

Arson is the unlawful act of setting fire to property which causes damage. Colorado law divides arson into four different charges: fourth, third, second, and first degree arson. Every one of these [...]

8 Common Defenses against Colorado Property Crime Charges

Property crimes involve the theft, destruction or unlawful entrance into the property of another. In Colorado, there are many criminal offenses that fall under this category. Some of the most commonly charged property crimes include arson, burglary, and robbery.

If you are currently facing a property crime charge, it is important to consult with an experienced Colorado defense attorney as soon as possible to make sure that your rights are protected, and to start building the best possible defense.

Below [...]