Sex Crimes: How Can a CO Attorney Help You?

Being charged with a sex crime in Colorado is serious, which means you need an experienced attorney to help guide you through all the turmoil that lies ahead for you in the court system.

Crimes involving sex can have severe repercussions on your life, so you must take them seriously, no matter the charge. A Colorado defense attorney can help represent you no matter the crime – and here are a few ways they can help you.

What Are Sex[...]

Should Prostitution Be Legal?

Arguing for the legalization of prostitution would not seem to be a viable platform for a politician, and it’s hard to imagine such a thing happening within our lifetimes. However, more and more, it appears to be becoming a question of serious public and social debate.

Most recently, Amnesty International caught a lot of attention in late July when the human rights group released a draft proposal calling for the decriminalization of all “aspects of consensual sex work.” The Internet [...]

No One is Above Colorado Prostitution Law

It came as a shock to the students and parents of Greeley Central High School when a teacher was arrested for soliciting and patronizing a prostitute. John Derek Haffner, a career and life choices teacher at the school, was one of eight men busted in a prostitution sting last month.

Haffner was hardly the type of individual you’d peg as a criminal. The 52-year-old teacher also worked as the student graduation interventionist, helping at-risk youth succeed in graduating. In addition, [...]