I Paid My Colorado Ticket! Do I Still Have to Go to Court?

In Colorado, Municipal or city courts handle offenses involving city laws that occur within the city. Typically, municipal courts handle minor offenses like traffic infringements, dog leash-law infractions, littering, abandoned vehicles, and noise violations.

Have you received a ticket or summons to a municipal court in Colorado? You may be wondering what to expect and how best to proceed.

To help you understand the Colorado municipal court process, we’ve included a guide to commonly asked questions below.

Colorado Municipal Courts[...]

Colorado One of the Strictest States on DUI and Driving Offenses

If you’ve ever gotten pulled over in our state for speeding or reckless driving, this probably won’t come as any surprise:

But while many out there may have believed this to be true for years, now there is proof. A recent study rated US states on how strictly the state’s laws and insurance companies treated at-risk drivers. Out of all 50 states, Colorado came in 6th. The strictest state in the nation was Arizona, and the most lenient was South [...]