CO Aggravated Drug Crimes: What You Need to Know

Sometimes, those found guilty of drug felonies in Colorado can face longer sentences than they otherwise would.

Many felonies in our state can lead to mandatory sentencing. These crimes are called aggravated drug crimes. But what is aggravated drug crimes? What makes them worse than non-aggravated drug crimes? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Aggravated Drug Crimes in Denver

In our state, there are two ways that you can get an aggravated sentence for a drug [...]

Distribution of Drugs in CO: What If You’re Arrested?

Possession with the intent to distribute is a serious drug charge in Colorado, even with the state’s progress toward drug legalization and decriminalization.

It’s important for every citizen to understand not only what charges of possession with intent to distribute mean but also what steps to take when you’re arrested for this crime. Read on to find out all about this drug crime in Colorado and what you should do if you’re arrested.

What Is Possession with Intent to Distribute[...]

CO Marijuana Laws: What You Should Know

Colorado has led the nation in the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana. Since 2012, marijuana has been legal in the state for those over 21 years of age to enjoy responsibly. Even though a decade has passed since legalization, it’s still not uncommon to run into Coloradans who aren’t sure what is and isn’t legal.

It’s vital to understand the rules and regulations regarding marijuana in the state to help keep yourself out of trouble with the law. Make no [...]

Sharing Prescriptions: Don’t Do It in CO

Many people in Colorado are given prescription medication to treat a variety of conditions. When you have a valid prescription for a medication, then that means you have the legal right to possess it in the state.

However, while you have the right to keep certain medications on your person as you go about your day, having a valid prescription doesn’t make it legal to share your medications with anyone else – even a friend or family member you’re simply [...]

Most Common Drug Arrests in Colorado

Colorado is known for a variety of things, chief among them the decriminalization of certain drug crimes over the last few years.

However, simply because marijuana is legal – and some crimes have been decriminalized with an emphasis on helping people to recover from drug addiction – doesn’t mean that drug arrests no longer happen in the state. In fact, there are a significant number of drug arrests in Colorado each year.

Here are some of the most common drug [...]