Challenging Inconsistent Testimony in Sex Crime Cases

Sex crime cases often lack concrete physical evidence, relying heavily on witness testimony. This creates a crucial role for the defense in scrutinizing and potentially challenging the credibility of witness statements. Inconsistencies or outright contradictions within a witness’s account can raise significant doubt, potentially swaying the jury towards a “not guilty” verdict.

This blog post dives deeper into the complexities of challenging inconsistent testimony in sex crime cases, exploring cross-examination techniques, the role of expert witnesses, and successful defense strategies.[...]

Understanding the Impact of a Sexual Assault Conviction in Colorado

Facing accusations of sexual assault is an incredibly distressing and life-altering experience. In Colorado, as in any state, a sexual assault conviction can carry severe consequences that extend far beyond the courtroom. Accusations can have severe consequences for the accused, even if the allegations are eventually proven to be false.

Sexual assault allegations can be made by anyone, regardless of their credibility or the evidence against them. Unfortunately, false accusations can have a huge negative impact on someone’s life, even [...]

Your Life If You Become a Sex Offender in Colorado

If you are convicted of a sex crime and must register as a sex offender in Colorado, your life will change drastically. Your name and other personal information will be on the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board and you will have to submit to certain restrictions that could have long-lasting consequences on your everyday life.

What does this look like specifically, though?

In this blog post, we will cover what it is like to live as a registered sex offender[...]

What Is a Sex Crime in CO?

Sex crimes – many people think they know what they are, but the truth is that the legal concept of sex crimes can be more complicated than you might imagine. There are many types of sex crimes in Colorado that are punishable under the law, and many different types of penalties a person can face.

The question may be simple: What is a sex crime in Colorado? Read on to find out the answer to this question and the penalties [...]

Sex Crimes: How Can a CO Attorney Help You?

Being charged with a sex crime in Colorado is serious, which means you need an experienced attorney to help guide you through all the turmoil that lies ahead for you in the court system.

Crimes involving sex can have severe repercussions on your life, so you must take them seriously, no matter the charge. A Colorado defense attorney can help represent you no matter the crime – and here are a few ways they can help you.

What Are Sex[...]