Sex Crimes: How Can a CO Attorney Help You?

Being charged with a sex crime in Colorado is serious, which means you need an experienced attorney to help guide you through all the turmoil that lies ahead for you in the court system.

Crimes involving sex can have severe repercussions on your life, so you must take them seriously, no matter the charge. A Colorado defense attorney can help represent you no matter the crime – and here are a few ways they can help you.

What Are Sex[...]

What Is a Pattern of Sexual Abuse in Colorado?

The pattern of sexual abuse charges in Colorado are more common than you may think – and they’re very grave for those who are accused, carrying with them a lifetime of consequences both legal and collateral.

However, a pattern of sexual abuse crime is not one that is well understood by many, including those accused of the crime or even victims themselves.

It’s vital to understand what these types of charges are and what they can result in – if [...]

What Happens If You Fail to Register as a CO Sex Offender?

The requirement to register as a sex offender is one of the penalties for being found guilty of certain crimes. You may not think it’s a big deal, but registration as a sex offender is taken very seriously by the state – so seriously that failing to do so can land you in serious trouble.

Here’s what you need to know about sex offender registration in Colorado and what can happen if you fail to register as required by the [...]

What Is Promoting Obscenity in Minors in CO?

Colorado has a host of laws surrounding obscenity, one of which is a crime referred to as “promoting obscenity in a minor.” This sex crime often flies under the radar, but it’s a serious crime if you’re charged and eventually convicted of it.

What types of actions constitute promoting obscenity in a minor, and what are the consequences in Colorado? There’s a lot to know and understand about this specific crime, so read on to find out more.

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CO Crimes Commonly Caused by Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Colorado creates consequences for those who break the laws in the state. While they may not excuse crimes, they do understand that there are often reasons behind why people commit criminal acts.

Many studies have shown that there is a connection between committing certain crimes and the use of drugs or alcohol. Additionally, many people with a drug or alcohol abuse disorder tend to commit certain crimes. You could say that there are definitely some crimes that are caused by [...]