What Is a Sex Crime in CO?

Sex crimes – many people think they know what they are, but the truth is that the legal concept of sex crimes can be more complicated than you might imagine. There are many types of sex crimes in Colorado that are punishable under the law, and many different types of penalties a person can face.

The question may be simple: What is a sex crime in Colorado? Read on to find out the answer to this question and the penalties a person can face in Colorado if they break the law concerning one of these crimes.

Sex Crimes: What Are They?

The state of Colorado defines a sex crime as a criminal act that involves sexual assault, illegal pornography, sexual misconduct, or criminal sexual behavior. Sex crimes in the state include things such as:

  • Sexual assault
  • Unlawful sexual contact
  • Sexual assault on a child
  • Statutory rape
  • Incest
  • Indecent exposure
  • Sexual contact with a minor
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Revenge porn
  • Aggravated sexual assault

Colorado defines these crimes clearly under the law, each falling under the sexual contact or sexual assault umbrella. Crimes of sexual contact do not involve sexual penetration, while crimes of sexual assault do include sexual penetration.

Consent is a major factor in sex crime cases. The lack of consent must be demonstrated to have a solid case against another person in the state for sex crimes.

What Are the Penalties for Sex Crimes?

Sex crimes, just like many other crimes, have different classes. They will either be a misdemeanor or a felony crime. Serious misdemeanor sex crimes typically have sentences of two or so years in jail and fines of as much as $5,000.

Felony sex crimes, however, can send a person to prison for many years, including significant fines, and will require registration as a sex offender. You can also forfeit your right to bear arms, lose child custody, and have your computer and internet usage monitored and/or restricted. Being a convicted sex offender also limits your future options, making it difficult to get a job or even find a place to live.

Misdemeanor sex crimes include things such as indecent exposure or urinating in public. Felony sex crimes often include forcible rape and aggravated sexual assault.

It’s important to discuss what charges have been filed against you with your attorney so that you fully understand the penalties you may be facing if found guilty. The class of sex crime being accused of impacts the penalties you will face.

The truth is that a sex crime conviction, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, can carry some significant penalties and have a huge impact on your future. That’s why it’s in your best interest to meet with an experienced sex crimes attorney in Colorado as soon as you are arrested for the crime. That way, you can have the best chance to save your reputation and protect your future.

What Are the Penalties for Sex Crimes in Denver?

Working with your attorney can ensure that you don’t make incriminating statements to the police, that your rights are upheld in each step of the criminal justice process, and that you have the representation to which you are entitled in the courtroom. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty, and the responsibility to prove your guilty lies with the prosecution. You and your lawyer must work together to formulate a solid defense.

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