Assault and Menacing: What’s the Difference in Colorado?

When you hear people talking about assault and menacing in Colorado, they may use the words interchangeably. However, it’s important to note that in the eyes of the law, they are different charges with different criminal penalties.

If you are facing an assault or menacing charge, it is critical to understand and know the difference between the two. That’s why it’s worth reading and learning about what these two crimes have in common and their differences.

Menacing in Colorado

Menacing [...]

Menacing: It Can Be a CO Domestic Violence Offense

If you’ve received a menacing charge in Colorado, you probably have questions. Even if you think the charges against you are unfounded or the result of a simple misunderstanding, it’s vital to have all your questions answered – especially if the charge includes accusations of domestic violence.

A conviction for menacing with a domestic violence enhancement can have an enormous negative impact on your life. Not only can it lead to incarceration and fines, but it can also impact where [...]