Sharing Prescriptions: Don’t Do It in CO

Many people in Colorado are given prescription medication to treat a variety of conditions. When you have a valid prescription for a medication, then that means you have the legal right to possess it in the state.

However, while you have the right to keep certain medications on your person as you go about your day, having a valid prescription doesn’t make it legal to share your medications with anyone else – even a friend or family member you’re simply [...]

What You Need to Know About CO Prescription Fraud

Prescription drugs are very helpful for people suffering from chronic health issues or pain. Unfortunately, these medications can also be used by some for recreation, leading to addiction and abuse.

The opioid epidemic in this country rages on and on – and with it, prescription drug fraud. Prescription drug fraud is a serious drug charge that can lead to severe consequences. Read on to understand what it is and what penalties can be faced in Colorado if you are convicted [...]

Colorado Criminal Charges Related to Prescription Drugs

The abuse of prescription drugs is an emerging epidemic that’s now recognized as a significant threat to public health. The death toll from prescription drug abuse is huge, and even includes a number of celebrities, like Prince, Tom Petty, and Anna Nicole Smith.

As the number of deaths from prescription drugs continues to rise sharply across the US, the federal government has commissioned various agencies to combat the prescription drug epidemic. Many states, including Colorado, augment the federal government’s efforts [...]