Can Drug Offenses Get Sealed in CO?

Even in states like Colorado that have decriminalized many drugs in specific amounts, drug convictions can haunt you for years.

Whenever anyone does a background check on you for a new job, housing, or even a loan, they will see convictions on your record, and you could lose opportunities long after you’ve served your debt to society. That’s why criminal record sealing exists in Colorado, but it’s essential to understand what types of convictions can be sealed and cannot.

Here [...]

Can a DUI Be Expunged in Colorado?

It’s unlikely that anyone needs to tell a person that driving under the influence is a big mistake in Colorado. The Centennial State has some of the stiffest DUI penalties in the nation. Even if you manage to avoid conviction for a DUI, there’s still the matter of a criminal record.

The law in Colorado allows you to expunge certain crimes and arrests from your criminal record. Is a DUI one of those crimes? In some circumstances, it is, but [...]

The Many Costs of Not Sealing Your Criminal Record in Colorado

Facing a criminal charge can be a stressful experience. Chances are, you’re living in the moment, and your are concerned about how it’s affecting your life in the here and now – not how it can impact your life in the future.

The truth of the matter is that, in Colorado and all across the United States, a criminal record can have huge consequences for your life. Even if you are successful in having criminal charges against you dropped, a [...]

Why 2022 Is the Year for You to Get Your CO Record Sealed

For anyone with a criminal record, having a background check done to get a new job or secure a new apartment can be quite stressful. Background checks will show any criminal convictions and even arrests that have taken place, which can be a barrier for some people when it comes to finding a new job or getting a new place to live.

Thankfully, for many people, there is a legal remedy to this problem: record sealing or expungement. There are [...]

Best New Year’s Resolution? Erase Your CO Criminal Record

As you switch out your calendar and ring in the New Year, it’s time to think about your resolutions. How are you going to make a positive change in 2020? What will help you move forward in life?

We know the usual resolutions: go on a diet, quit smoking, hit the gym, etc., but if you’ve got a Colorado criminal record, there’s a more important matter at hand. Your history is probably already holding you back.

So have your criminal [...]