What to Know about Expunging Juvenile Records in Colorado

Everyone makes mistakes. Especially when we’re young, figuring out who we are and learning about the world. What no one wants is the mistakes of their wayward youth to follow them around when they become adults.

That’s why a bill that Governor John Hickenlooper signed in May is so important.

Co-sponsored by state Representative Pete Lee, D-Colorado Springs, and state Senator John Cooke, R-Weld County, the bill makes it easier for juveniles to have their criminal records expunged for certain [...]

What Charges Can Be Expunged from My Record in Colorado?

Having a charge or conviction your record doesn’t go away after you serve your time – or even if you are found innocent. In fact, even if you weren’t charged with a crime, if you were arrested that stays on your record.

This means that employers, landlords, and the public at large will all have access to it, which can make it quite difficult to live a normal life. Luckily, many people have the option of getting their criminal records [...]

6 Things to Know About Sealing Your Criminal Record

Mistakes of our past should not prevent us from pursuing a constructive future. Unfortunately, a criminal record can make it difficult to find housing, gain employment, and even obtain insurance.

According to an American Academy of Pediatrics publication, nearly one-third of American adults have been arrested by age 23. In Colorado, individuals with prior convictions have the opportunity to expunge or “seal” their criminal record if the situation meets specific eligibility guidelines. If you have been charged with a crime, [...]