Could You Unintentionally Commit Voter Fraud in Colorado? Know the Law

Voting is more important than ever. This year, many Americans have taken the voting process, whether it applies to midterms or smaller elections, far more seriously. Each citizen has more pressure on them to register, show up, and make their voice heard. It’s a privilege that many people have fought for (and many people are still fighting for) in this country.

To ensure your vote counts (and you don’t get into trouble), make sure that you are voting correctly and [...]

It’s Election Time: How to Avoid Colorado Voter Fraud Charges

Accusations and fears of voter fraud always heat up around elections. In this post, we’ll tell you what actions specifically constitute voter fraud and how to avoid getting charged.

Does Voter Fraud Really Happen in Colorado?

Yes… technically. Just not very often. In fact, despite the claims of some to the contrary, it’s pretty rare everywhere in our country.

Even the Trump commission on voting integrity had to put out a report saying they did not find widespread evidence of [...]