Is CO Child Abuse Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an issue in Colorado, as it is in many other places. However, Colorado treats domestic violence crimes differently than you may find in other places. Since the state considers it not an independent crime, it is considered an aggravator of another crime.

It’s unfortunate that you cannot discuss domestic violence in the state without discussing child abuse. The two are linked since domestic violence is an issue that impacts the whole family unit. If there is violence [...]

Think a Colorado DUI Is Bad? Try Child Abuse

A DUI conviction is devastating. It can be life-altering in many ways. That said, if you are arrested for a DUI with a child passenger, you’ll face a whole new level of ramifications.

You are not only subject to severe criminal and civil penalties of an underlying DUI, (an average cost of $13,000). You will likely incur the separate, and potentially much more severe charge of a child abuse. Under Colorado child abuse law, driving drunk with a child in [...]

Your Guide to Understanding Colorado’s Child Abuse Laws

Do you know what constitutes child abuse under Colorado laws? By looking at the statutes, you can gain a greater understanding of child abuse charges and associated penalties in our state.

The Legal Definition of Child Abuse in Colorado

A person commits child abuse by putting a child in a harmful or neglectful situation.

Colorado laws call acts such as these child abuse (others may also be included):

  • Acting in any way that leads to a child’s physical injury or