No One is Above Colorado Prostitution Law

It came as a shock to the students and parents of Greeley Central High School when a teacher was arrested for soliciting and patronizing a prostitute. John Derek Haffner, a career and life choices teacher at the school, was one of eight men busted in a prostitution sting last month.

Haffner was hardly the type of individual you’d peg as a criminal. The 52-year-old teacher also worked as the student graduation interventionist, helping at-risk youth succeed in graduating. In addition, Haffner is a pastor at First United Methodist Church in Pierce, and is currently enrolled in a master’s program at Duke University.

Now, Haffner faces misdemeanor charges punishable by jail times and hefty fines. He has been placed on administrative leave by officials at his high school, and his teaching contract will not be renewed in the fall.

But perhaps the worst consequence of all is the blemish these prostitution crime charges have left on Haffner’s reputation. With his mug shot and crime details splayed across the pages of newspapers, news reports, and internet articles, the former teacher is unlikely to find education employment in the future. In addition, his family and friends—including his three children—may suffer humiliation from the highly publicized incident.

What John Haffner’s Situation Teaches Us

John Haffner’s arrest reminds us that no one is above prostitution law—not even pastors and teachers. Anyone can be arrested for prostitution-related and morality crimes, regardless of their background, profession, income bracket, and education. It doesn’t matter if you are a rich businessman, a respected politician, or a beloved grocer—if you commit a prostitution crime, you are facing some serious consequences.

In Colorado, there are many different criminal behaviors that can result in a prostitution charge. Below, we’ve listed some of the most common examples of this type of crime.

Prostitution. You can be charged with prostitution by performing, offering, or agreeing to perform any sexual act in exchange for money with someone who you are not married to.

Making a display. In Colorado, it is illegal to say or do something that promotes prostitution in public.

Soliciting a prostitute. Under Colorado law, you can be charged with soliciting a prostitute if you request prostitution services from someone, or if you arrange a meeting for prostitution purposes.

Patronizing a prostitute. You may be charged with patronizing a prostitute if you engage in a sexual act with someone who is not your spouse in exchange for money. You could also be charged with patronizing a prostitute for visiting a place of prostitution, such as a brothel, with the intention of paying for sex.

Denver Prostitution Lawyer

The penalties for prostitution crimes vary depending on the circumstances and the existence of a previous criminal record. Common penalties for prostitution crimes include jail time, hefty fines, and payment to a prostitution enforcement fund. If you are convicted of a prostitution crime, you may also face serious consequences to your career and personal life – just like John Haffner. Prostitution cases are widely publicized, and a conviction for a prostitution crime could remain on your permanent record for the rest of your days.

Don’t put your freedom, reputation, and career at risk—if you are facing prostitution crime charges, get in touch with a seasoned Colorado prostitution crimes lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can investigate the circumstances of your case, gather evidence, and collect expert witness in order to build you a powerful defense. With a top sex crimes defense attorney in your corner, you are in the best position possible to have your prostitution charges reduced or dropped.

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