It Takes a Village: What Coloradans Can Do to Reduce Juvenile Crime

Juvenile crimes are a serious problem in society not only for the present, but also in terms of how they may impact our nation’s future. Juvenile delinquency can be considered a systemic problem – parents, schools, society, culture, and government agencies all have some contribution to juvenile crime.

A number of factors make adolescents more likely to engage in criminal activity. However, studies have shown that support from the community can keep teens from turning to criminality, and can help [...]

Colorado Juveniles are Most Likely to Commit These Crimes

Colorado has all kinds of laws on the books specifically aimed at juveniles, but there are some that get more use than others.

As a parent, this is incredibly important to know. It may not be possible to stop yourself from worrying about everything, but if you know which things are more likely to occur, you can focus your worries – and your prevention.

With that in mind, this list covers the most common juvenile crimes in Colorado and what [...]

What to Know about Expunging Juvenile Records in Colorado

Everyone makes mistakes. Especially when we’re young, figuring out who we are and learning about the world. What no one wants is the mistakes of their wayward youth to follow them around when they become adults.

That’s why a bill that Governor John Hickenlooper signed in May is so important.

Co-sponsored by state Representative Pete Lee, D-Colorado Springs, and state Senator John Cooke, R-Weld County, the bill makes it easier for juveniles to have their criminal records expunged for certain [...]

When Can a Child Be Charged as an Adult?

Under Colorado law, a juvenile is any person under 18 years of age. And if a juvenile commits a crime, he or she can either be charged as a juvenile or an adult depending on the circumstances.

In following with the Colorado Juvenile Code, the goal of charging a minor as a juvenile is basically to “preserve and strengthen family ties whenever possible.” This means that Colorado is committed to looking out for a child’s welfare and to provide care, [...]

Sexting: A Guide to Protecting Your Children

The law often lags far behind new technology—sometimes with disastrous results.

One huge example of this is the rise of sexting among teens. Until the law is modified, minors can find themselves facing child pornography charges for sharing explicit photos via mobile technology. And it’s not just criminal charges that teens face for sexting—under Colorado law, they could be forced to register as sex offenders.

The town of Cañon City, Colorado is learning this the hard way. Hundreds of students [...]