Colorado Juveniles are Most Likely to Commit These Crimes

Colorado has all kinds of laws on the books specifically aimed at juveniles, but there are some that get more use than others.

As a parent, this is incredibly important to know. It may not be possible to stop yourself from worrying about everything, but if you know which things are more likely to occur, you can focus your worries – and your prevention.

With that in mind, this list covers the most common juvenile crimes in Colorado and what to expect if your child is charged with one of them and is required to go through our juvenile justice system.

Most Common Juvenile Crimes in Colorado

The top categories of juvenile crimes are listed below. Most of them probably won’t surprise you, but some may be eye-opening.

Alcohol offenses: underage possession and consumption, open containers in vehicles

Burglary: breaking and entering a home, school, or structure to cause damage or commit theft

Criminal trespass: entering stores after hours or after being banned, entering vacant buildings or structures without permission

Curfew violations

Disorderly conduct: public brawls, indecent exposure, cursing at authority figures

Drug paraphernalia possession

False reports: setting off a fire alarm, making false calls to 911 or police

Fraud: impersonation, fraud via email, writing bad checks

Harassment: harassing by telephone, email, or social media; bullying, insulting, or taunting

Loitering: congregating with a group in a commercial parking lot, at a store front, or on a street corner

Marijuana possession

Mischief: damaging landscaping, damaging mailboxes, toilet-papering houses, egging homes or vehicles

Possessing a weapon: underage or illegal possession of pepper spray, pellet or BB gun, brass knuckles, or other weapons

Possessing stolen property

Reckless endangerment: hanging onto a moving vehicle, throwing items at moving vehicles, speeding in parking lots

Resisting an officer: lying to an officer, providing false information, running away, refusing to move

Runaway: staying at another person’s home without parent permission, traveling to another city or state without parent permission, leaving a non-custodial parent’s home

School violations: cheating, disrupting class, dress code violations

Simple assault: bullying or fighting

Theft: shoplifting, stealing from parents or classmates

Tobacco possession

Traffic violations: speeding, tailgating, distracted driving, failure to wear seat belt, failure to yield, riding in the back of a pickup truck


Unauthorized vehicle use: driving without a license, using another person’s vehicle without permission, unlawful use of all-terrain vehicles

Vandalism: graffiti, keying cars, slashing tires

How Juvenile Crimes are Handled by the Colorado Court System

The courts handle juvenile crimes differently from adult crimes. While adults receive criminal penalties for their crimes, the state aims to rehabilitate juveniles with alternative sentencing and treatment programs. Juveniles may be required to perform community service, complete rehabilitation and educational services, receive counseling, and pay restitution.

Colorado Juvenile Lawyer

In some cases, like trespassing or vandalism, the juvenile may only be required to pay a fine and offer an apology to the victim. Other juvenile criminal acts will require rehabilitation in a juvenile detention center. Depending on the severity of the offense, a juvenile may even be tried as an adult. Most of the time this is for serious offenses like aggravated assault, rape, or murder, in which a juvenile thought and acted like an adult.

Get Legal Help If Your Child Has Been Charged with a Colorado Juvenile Crime

Since the juvenile justice system is so different from the adult justice system, you need the help of an experienced Denver juvenile crimes attorney. He or she will understand the intricacies of juvenile court proceedings and know how to put together the strongest possible defense for your child and aggressively fight for their future.

Call today to discuss your case with a skilled Colorado juvenile crimes lawyer who will make sure your child’s rights are protected.


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