Attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieves complete dismissal in Denver Major Traffic Offense Case

In Denver County court, attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieved complete dismissal in a Hit and Run/Failure to Report an Accident case.  Mr. Martinez convinced prosecutors that his client did not violate the law when she did not report a highway collision that caused no damage to any vehicle.  Under Colorado law, an individual is required to report to police any automobile accident in which either personal injury or property damage occur.  If a person fails to comply with this law, they face a 12 point assessment against their driver’s license.  A 12 point assessment guarantees DMV consequences, including the possibility of the loss of one’s license for up to a year.  However, in this case, because there was no damage to any vehicle during the highway-speeds collision, Mr. Martinez successfully convinced the prosecutor that no law violation had occurred.  As a result, the client’s case was dismissed, and no driver’s license consequences followed.