DUI Attorney Jacob E. Martinez Achieves non-Alcohol Plea in Jefferson County

Recently, in a Jefferson County DUI case, Denver DUI attorney Mr. Martinez negotiated a resolution in which all alcohol-related driving charges were dismissed, and his client was able to enter a plea to Reckless Driving.  Mr. Martinez’s client only lost his license for one month, he served no jail or probation, and he was not sentenced to any community service.  Most importantly, he was able to avoid having the black mark of what would have been his second impaired driving conviction.  Had this client pled to or been convicted of a second DUI/DWAI, he would have faced at least ten days of confinement, as well as up to a $1500 fine, lengthy probation, and up to 120 hours of community service.  Due to the plea that Mr. Martinez negotiated, these damaging consequences were avoided, and the client will be able to move forward with minimal difficulty.