Walmart Is Taking Shoplifting into Its Own Hands

If someone is accused of shoplifting at a retail location, it is not only embarrassing for the accused, but also burdensome for the owners or employees of the retail store. It can take some time for police to arrive at the scene and properly arrest a shoplifter, and the store may have other responsibilities to law enforcement after the individual has been arrested and faces time in court.

It’s even worse for retail giants like Walmart, who have become been [...]

Why People Shoplift – and How It Can Help Your Defense

There are many misconceptions behind shoplifting. While many people place the blame on rowdy teenagers or seasoned criminals, the more common causes are often ignored. Most shoplifters are employed, nonviolent adults who are struggling with psychological issues or conflicts.

Just like there are many different types of retail theft, there are many different reasons behind shoplifting. If you or someone you love has been charged with this offense, seek out a knowledgeable retail theft lawyer who has successfully handled cases [...]

Guide to the Many Different Classifications of Theft in Colorado

Shoplifting. Fuel piracy. Theft by resale of a lift ticket.

These are all activities that may constitute theft crimes under Colorado law. But while theft crimes may take many different forms in Colorado, all theft crimes typically involve knowingly taking or exercising control over someone else’s assets, property, or something else of value without their permission.

Recently, Colorado law enforcement officials have had to deal with an increase in car thefts, worries over water theft by marijuana growers, and even [...]

Shoplifter’s Rights

When they find themselves face-to-face with authority figures, people will often back themselves into corners by immediately surrendering rights that they don’t realize they have. This is common in situations like drug busts or speeding citations, but it can also apply at other times as well, such as when an individual is accused of shoplifting.

Even though shoplifting may seem like a relatively minor crime, it can be more serious than many people realize, and you need someone experienced on [...]