Know the Law: These Acts Count as Shoplifting in Colorado

Imagine this: your great aunt from out-of-town buys you a sweatshirt for Christmas from a local retailer – local to her. Unfortunately, it’s hideous, and you’d really like to return it, but you can’t because they don’t have a store in your area. By which we mean the closest store is several states away.

Then your spouse has an idea: return the sweater to your local department store, which carries the same item, and get credit there. It’s brilliant!

So, [...]

What Coloradans with Previous Shoplifting Convictions are Up Against

In Lafayette, shoplifting at the Wal-Mart Supercenter has become an epidemic, according to the municipal judge. In 2017, the town had 260 cases of shoplifting, as compared with 57 in the previous year. Almost all of the cases were committed at Wal-Mart.

The store’s officials say that they have lost nearly $1 million in profit due to shoplifting in recent years. Two years ago, the store hired a loss prevention officer who has used more aggressive tactics to identify shoplifters.[...]

What to Expect If You Were Hit with a Colorado Shoplifting Charge

If you were recently charged with shoplifting in Colorado, one of the first steps to effectively fighting back and protecting your rights is to understand the law and what you’re up against, and learn what to expect from the process.

In Colorado, the crime of shoplifting has been committed if the following conditions can be proven:

  • The offender intended to permanently deprive another person or entity of property.
  • The offender knowingly obtained, retained, or controlled another’s property without their permission.

How to Fight a Denver Shoplifting Charge

Shoplifting is something that happens all the time in this country and costs retailers billions every year. In large part because of this, it is something that retailers and the justice system take very seriously. This is particularly true in recent years, as more and more businesses have been deciding to prosecute when shoplifters are caught.

A shoplifting charge can be very serious, carrying hefty penalties if convicted, and leaving you with a criminal record that will haunt you for [...]

Shoplifting: A “Minor” Crime That Can Easily Become a Major One

A teen girl shoving lipstick into her purse. A man trying on clothes and wearing them as he walks out of the store without paying. A kid taking a toy because he really wanted it. Or maybe a celebrity stealing something from a store when they could have easily paid for it.

These are the kinds of things many of us imagine when we think about shoplifting. It is a “minor” crime that takes little effort, causes little harm, and [...]